The Future of Career Counselling

The most common problem seen today is that students are often lost in an ocean of choices, with no clarity on career paths. This is caused due to either lack of timely information or abundance of information. Therefore, leaving students in a position where they are unable to make the right career choice depending on their interest and aptitude. Which Leads to some of the most common career problems.

Rushed Decisions
Unsatisfied careers
Lack of fulfilment

Imagine the number of students appearing for board exams every year. Infact, the largest population in India falls under the age of 5-24 years. While the pressure of exam and college admission is increasing by the day, students and parents are looking for an expert who can guide them. It is imperative to provide career guidance solutions to students, and this dire need is felt now more than ever before.

Top 3 Concerns of most students and parents right now

What meaningful Programs can a Student take up at home

How to select the right Course, Career and College

Regular updates on Entrance Tests & College admission Processes

Scope of starting your own Career Counselling Practice

Over 500 Individuals from different backgrounds have made a successful transition to a Career Counsellor. On an average an Indian Parent spends anywhere between INR 5 Lakhs to INR 25 Lakhs on their child's graduation and 93% of these are ready to spend around INR 5000 on per session for a certified counsellor who can lay a clear path for their child.

Numbers speak louder than words


Have considered leaving their job and
starting their own ventures!*


Of the Indian workforce prefers
entrepreneurship over employment*


Think India is the land of
opportunities for Start-Ups!*

*Source: Times of India Survey

With the changing times and digital advancements, there is an immense need for Career Counsellors today.The Super Counsellor program has aims at empowering those who want to make a difference and start their own Career Counselling enterprise.

Summary of the Super Counsellor Program:

Training & certification by UCLA Extension and Univariety

All-in-one guide to enhance your knowledge and skills

Access to tools and technology to counsel students

Successfully empowered 500+ individual's

Gain access to an exclusive guide to set up your own Career Counselling Practice in just 3 months.

500+ Individuals Empowered