What are Super Counsellor and Super Counsellor Plus programs?

How many days does it take for the entire setup?

Is there a Franchise fee or Royalty involved?

Is there any particular region which I need to do my Business?

How much may I charge my students?

Are there any recurring costs involved?

What is the specialty of the technology you are providing?

What is meant by White Labeled technology?

Does the technology provide reports?

How will you integrate the technology on my existing website?

Where do I get the Psychometric tests?

Can I buy Psychometric tests from any other vendor and integrate in the technology?

Where can I use the presentations you are providing.

How many page website you will create and who will write the content.

Can I add my other services which I provide on my website

I already have a website.

Will you support me in marketing my services, like giving me leads etc?

Do you charge for listing on the super counsellor search engine.

Can I use the technology and psychometric tests at the organization I work as Career Counsellor.

How will the program help in revenue generation?