Starting any business is tough, right. 

The setup, the legal formalities, credibility building, and technical support can be daunting. But, having the right guide is important to make things easier.

Career counselling as a business?

Well, career counselling is the perfect business opportunity for multiple reasons, some of them are – 

  • Increased requirement for career counselling services 
  • The growing competition among students and individuals 
  • Skyrocketing expectations of parents and society on individuals 
  • Credibility building can be done 
  • India has a huge career counsellor to student ratio

Top Things to keep in mind while setting up your Career Counselling business in India

International Certification: Having an international certification can be your biggest asset and be the base for your career counselling business in India. An internationally recognised certificate can be your biggest asset as it builds your credibility base. A career counselling business requisite is a good career counselling certification that is internationally recognised. 

Technological Support: Having cutting edge technology access and high-end support to stay updated on college, courses and country options will ease the process of service delivery. Technological support from a reputed agency will make collating information on students and make counselling much easier. 

Marketing Strategy: Well-Informed marketing support and strategy can help you gain visibility, add to your brand value and build credibility. A career counselling business should gain visibility in India and the right guidance and marketing support can make the process much easier. 

Wide range of tools and assessment testing abilities: One has to keep a range of tools and testing apparatus for an easy understanding of the client. It is with wide knowledge and understanding that one has to create a system for client satisfaction. Tools like stream selector test, psychometric tests, Ideal Career Test, Branch selector test etc make understanding the aptitude and attitude of the student easier.

Why Super Counsellor is the Perfect Incubator for Career Counsellors

Super Counsellor, from the powerhouse, Univariety has dished out the perfect recipe for Career counsellors who want to set up their own enterprise.

It is a unique program curated by Asia’s largest online school-based counselling network, Univariety.

With the help of industry experts, you can set up your own career counselling venture.

Salient features of Super Counsellor Program

  • Access to Psychometric tests and 26+ research tools 
  • Personal branding 
  • White labelled technology 
  • Professional marketing collateral 
  • Expert guidance with experienced career counsellors 
  • Exclusive access to latest career counselling information 
  • Scholarship and admission support for clients

Super Counsellor has helped many individuals realise their dream of setting up their own career counselling ventures.

super counsellor program

Super Counsellor has impacted many lives and helped many individuals set up their own career counselling ventures.

Ms. Pooja Bhatia from Pathankot went on to start her own career counselling business named Career Mantaran.

She has successfully become an entrepreneur getting clients for counselling and ably providing services.

Are you a Super Counsellor?