We all are aware of the recent slump in the economy. And it is worrying all of us, especially the ones who work for others and are worried about job security. At times, we often imagine ourselves, being our own bosses and starting our own ventures. If you, too, are wondering about this for a long time and did not find any suitable avenue to venture into, then look no more. Career Counselling Business is the option you are looking for.

“It is particularly noteworthy that careers, like much else in the world, are undergoing a radical transformation, leading the way for careers we can’t even imagine in the current day.”

David Reile Executive Coach, Career Development Alliance, USA

It is true! Career choices, just like our lives, have undergone some serious changes that have shifted the paradigm of pursuing a career in today’s world. The availability of information, the digital transformation, the advent of social media in our lives, all has lead to one thing – Disruption.

And where there is disruption, there is an opportunity!

India, a conservative country, is opening up to this fast-paced disruptive world and is transforming itself gradually. The education sector in India still faces acute adversity of career counselling and guidance centres as people are still warming up to the idea of career counselling. Especially in the booming tier-2 and tier-3 cities, where the students and parents are equally becoming more aware and are seeking for some valid career guidance and counselling.

Scope for Career Counselling in the Indian Education Industry:

“Most students today don’t have access to right counselling & guidance when it comes to their higher education needs and career goals. More often than not, students make crucial decisions regarding courses; degrees and colleges based on hearsay, only to repent later when they are unable to cope with the academic pressure or are unable to find a good job.”

         – Ruchir Arora, Co-Founder and CEO, CollegeDekho.com

With the increasing ambiguity of choosing the right career, the need for career counselling is also on the rise. This has created a new gap in the market for budding entrepreneurs, especially in a country like India. Following are some of the key reasons –

  1. The gap in the Industry – India needs a whooping 1.4 million career counsellors to maintain a globally accepted student-to-counsellor ratio. This provides a wide scope for budding entrepreneurs to enter this market and serve this grave need of the hour.
  2. Booming Market Share – The market size for career assessment and guidance is currently estimated at over Rs 5,000 crore in India and continuously growing. This means that there is an inherent advantage of gaining profitability from this booming sector and also serve a relatively untouched market.
  3. Lean Investment Business Model – Setting up a Career Counseling venture requires minimal investment. With the right certification and setting up an efficient platform, career counselling business can be started from any part of the country and can serve any customer in the world.

How to set-up a Career Counseling Business in India?

With the right knowledge and mentorship, it is quite possible to set up your own Career Counselling Startup in India. The Startups can have the following business models:

  • Online Counseling Website and Sessions: These businesses provide all the necessary information regarding career counselling on online portals and websites
  • Tuition Facilities for Entrance Exam preparation: Some businesses provide regular tuition and tutorials to excel various entrance exams, skillsets which are necessary to venture into certain careers
  • Physical Counseling Center for all related services: These companies provide in-person counselling to individuals with the help of expert counsellors with necessary certifications.

To make the career counselling setup easier, the Super Counsellor program offers the best benefits. Super Counsellor is India’s first incubator for Career Counseling Startups. It provides solutions to those who are looking to set up their own career counselling business and career guidance venture. It assists entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own venture in the future by providing the following benefits:

  • Technological support
  • International certification from UCLA Extention
  • Expert Guidance on setting up a career counselling business
  • Branding of the business
  • Assistance and support
  • Regularly updated information on guidance and counselling

Why Super Counsellor is the best program for you for setting up a career counselling venture?

  • No franchise fee involved
  • No royalty involved
  • Constant up-gradation of career guidance news and course options
  • No restriction of operation. You can operate from any geographical location

So, if you have been wondering how to go about setting up your own venture or diversify into some lucrative industry before the recession hits in, look out for the Career Counselling business and open a door full of opportunities.


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