Career Counselling business is growing as a lucrative business opportunity. Since it is the right time to be in business as a career counsellor due to the increasing need for career counsellors, it is imperative to join the right course and program.

Career counselling as a business is one of the hottest ventures that can bring success to a certified individual if he/she plans to set up their own career counselling venture.

What is the scope of a career counselling business?

Well, the scope is huge due to

    • The increasing number of students 
    • Rapidly expanding the scope of careers 
    • Very less number of counsellors per student 
    • Increasing worry of parents towards the child’s career

In fact, many teachers, counsellors, therapists, psychological counsellors, and others look for avenues to set up career counseling as a business.

Career counselling as a business offers many opportunities like:

    • One can start their own venture
    • One can open a tuition centre and offer career counselling services
    • 1 can take career counselling sessions online

Career counselling as a business is also a coveted opportunity as the skills required to be in the career counselling business include:

    • Listening skills
    • Communicative skills 
    • Learning capacity 
    • Constantly updated information on career counselling 
    • Desire to help students in a genuine manner 

Super Counsellor has helped many such dreamers achieve and translate what they want into reality. With a focussed business vision, the program gives those who want to choose career counselling as a business the perfect platform.

Career counselling as a business is not anymore a far-fetched opportunity.

The Super counsellor with its unique program design has helped 350+ candidates set up their career counselling business in many parts of the world. 

Super Counsellor Program offers some great advantages for those who complete the course and want to set up career counselling as a business:

International Certification: Super Counsellors get an edge over other career counsellors for their international reputation. With internationally recognized Certification adding value to Super Counsellor course, candidates can easily find clients. The dual certification from Univariety and UCLA is an added bonus. 

Technological Support: Super Counsellor Program offers the best support with respect to technology for career counsellors. With the right technological guidance, career counsellors can set up their career counselling ventures in a better manner. Career counselling business gets easier with the right tech-support and guidance.

Marketing Guidance: Super Counsellors also receive great marketing guidance, collateral, and insights. They receive an edge over other career counsellors as they know how to market their ventures in a better manner. Career counselling as a business needs the right marketing acumen and guidance and Super Counsellor provides exactly that to candidates.

Earning Opportunity: Super Counsellor Program offers a great earning opportunity for career counsellors. Career counsellors with their own ventures can earn a lot and the potential for growth is also high. Many Super Counsellors have scaled their businesses and created a great earning medium for themselves.

Take the case of Ekta Sekhri who runs Tutestation.

Ekta is a teacher who took the Super Counsellor course to understand her students better.

She says she was able to provide more guidance, better hand-holding and offer more help in terms of learning and outcomes. Ekta has been able to help her students, who are mostly teens, better in terms of college, career and course options. This has made her venture a holistic centre aiming for all-round development of the student. 


She is a better mentor now.

She also recommends the Super Counsellor Course for its nature, support, and genuine information.

Watch her video now

Ekta’s inspirational journey has inspired many others to take up the Super Counsellor Course. She knows for sure that the students who walk in for making career-related choices walk out with certainty and great scores. They are well-prepared for their exams, are clear in their thoughts and are better decision-makers.


So, if you want to set up your own career counselling business? 

You know who to talk to.



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