“The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.” -Colin Wilson

The human brain is one of the most astonishing organs in the human body. Our brain has such an intricate structure and a phenomenal nervous system that even in today’s age of advanced technology, scientists are still struggling to figure out how the mind works and if they could replicate the same. Although scientists haven’t figured out an exact way to replicate the human brain yet, they have successfully understood how it functions in certain cases and how it impacts the overall personality of an individual. There are many scientific tests that help define the personality of an individual and his/her thinking capacity. One such test is the Psychometric test.

Psychometric tests are used to measure the behavioural capacity and mental capabilities of an individual. These tests are essentially intended to understand whether the person is suitable for a particular job based on two core factors – personality and ability. They are used to assess the untapped skills of an individual which probably cannot be evaluated during a face to face interview. Psychometric tests are commonly used in the college entrance exams, during the recruitment processes and often during career counselling as well.

The Science of Psychometric Tests:

The usage of Psychometric tests can be traced back to the early 20th century. The first intelligence ever conducted was the brain-child of Alfred Binnet. He used the test to analyze the three aspects of human nature – 

  • Cognitive Nature
  • Acquired Nature
  • Personality/Combinations
There are two major types of psychometric tests:
  1. Aptitude, personality and interest tests: These tests measure a candidate’s general performance. These tests have open-ended questions and there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. It is used to assess the test taker’s personality, values, beliefs, and behaviour.
  2. Aptitude or ability tests: These tests are created to measure an individual’s ‘maximum’ performance capacity. This type of psychometric test has close-ended questions and the test taker has to select the right option. These tests are usually in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Other types of psychometric tests include-

    • Interest Inventories
    • Intelligence tests
    • Achievement tests
    • Occupational tests
Key Criteria to ensure accurate results in Psychometric Tests:
  1. Standardization: The test must be based on a sample population that truly represents the people who will be taking the test. Using a standardized test helps a counsellor compare the results to the sample population.
  2. Reliability: Like any statistical test, the psychometric tests should provide consistent results. The tests shouldn’t be overly different based on the moods and temperaments of the person.
  3. Validity: The Psychometric test is said to be valid if it accurately measures what it is supposed to measure.

It’s Impact on Career Counselling:

A Career Counsellor requires understanding the thinking capability and the personality traits of his/her client. Moreover, the client also needs to understand all these facts about himself/herself. Through properly curated psychometric tests students may realize how their brain functions and where their aptitude will be the most productive.

Following are the benefits of Psychometric tests in Career counselling:

  1. Allows for Objective assessment of the students: One of the major reasons behind the high adoption rate of Psychometric tests among career counsellors is their ability to accurately evaluate the knowledge and personality of students. Behavioural and subjective aspects such as awareness, stress management, time management, the capacity to be a team player and other aspects are often evaluated precisely using psychometric tests.
  2. Makes the Counselling and Guidance process more efficient: As the majority of the assessment of students and clients is done through the test, they save a lot of time and resources during the counselling and guidance process for the company. This also helps counsellors while curating an optimal career path for the students and helps them keep their expectations in check.
  3. A reliable indicator of student performance: The biggest advantage of using Psychometric tests is that the assessment put out by the tests helps counsellors determine the future performance of the students when they appear for the competitive exams, college interviews and job interviews in future. Several studies have proven that psychometric tests allow counsellors to help the students choose the right career prospect which helps them excel in their respective careers and lead a successful life.

There are many resources out there providing Psychometric tests access to the budding and interested career counsellors. One such portal is Supercounsellor.com.

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Psychometric tests are helpful to career counsellors because it helps the person realize his or her real capabilities or skills which he or she may choose either to work upon or ignore. This test is an eye-opener for both the clients and as well as the counsellor and hence, career counselling without a thorough psychometric test is impactless.


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