It is extremely crucial for the youth of the nation to have a proper direction. They must be aware of their qualities, personalities, opportunities that fit their qualities and a strong zeal to excel in whatever they pursue. This feat is only possible when the youth of this nation are provided with the right guidance at the right time. It is like a juncture like this that Career Counselling plays a vital role in any society.

But Career Counselling in India faces some serious challenges. Career Counsellors face several dilemmas, difficulties, and challenges when it comes to setting up a successful Career Counselling and guidance mechanism. 

Professional Challenges for Career Counsellors in India:

  1. Un-organized Education Counselling Sector: India’s Education Industry is a Counselling-deficit sector, currently. India’s student market is as huge as 315 million students. But the education sector itself is so scattered and unorganized that it is difficult for counsellors to reach the target students.
  2. Lack of Career Counselling systems in Indian Schooling systems: As of today, India only has around 1 lakh career counselling centres in schools as compared to the massive requirement of 15 lakh career counseling centers. This huge gap creates tremendous pressure on the existing career counselling centres which ultimately results in less effective career guidance therapy for the students.
  3. Lack of Opportunity Awareness: A recent survey conducted showcases that about 93% of students only know 7 Career opportunities that they can venture into post their schooling. There is a serious lack of awareness amongst students, their parents and even teachers. This creates difficulty for professional counsellors while giving them guidance.
  4. The problem of Educated Unemployment: A government survey across India taken in December of 2015 projected some startling data. An Indian youth with high education is more than five times as likely to be unemployed as an uneducated one. Approximately, 35% of Indian youths who have graduate degrees and post-graduate degrees are unemployed, while uneducated young workers are doing relatively much better. Similarly, unemployment is 13.5% among youth in India than those over 30 years of age which is approximately 1.5%.
  5. Mis-match between Skill-Building and Job Availability: There is a serious mismatch between skill building and available jobs. The youth of India is not getting the needful advice that will help them have jobs and similarly the new emerging sectors are struggling to find the requisite talent.
  6. Stigma, Awareness, and understanding of Counselling: Awareness of career counselling is really low in India and people are not aware of the difference between a Career Counsellor, a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist. There is a strong stigma attached to mental health therapy in the country. This leads to wrong perceptions and hesitation among students to venture for career counselling in the first place.
  7. Absence of licensing and National body of Counsellors: There is no regulatory body that is guiding or grouping all the career counsellors within the country. This leads to many mal-practices by fraud organizations and individuals which further leads to a feeling of disbelief amongst the people seeking counselling advice.
  8. Recognition of Career Counselling as a Profession: One of the biggest professional challenges a Career counsellor faces is the lack of valid recognition to provide the clients regarding his/her proficiency in Career Counselling services. India lacks the availability of Certifications that can be recognized by all the institutes globally.
  9. Trustworthy Investors or Professional Incubators: Career Counsellors are often left clueless when wanting to score an investor for their venture or resort to a professional incubator to help them establish their start-up. Although, there are organizations like that act as Incubators for ventures set out by professional counsellors. To make the career counselling setup easier, the Super Counsellor program offers the best benefits.

How Super Counsellor program helps the counsellor to start their own counselling setup:

Super Counsellor is India’s first incubator for Career Counseling Startups. It provides solutions to those who are looking to set up their own career counselling business and career guidance venture. It assists entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own venture in the future by providing the following benefits:

  • Technological support
  • International certification from UCLA Extention
  • Expert Guidance on setting up a career counselling business
  • Branding of the business
  • Assistance and support
  • Regularly updated information on guidance and counselling
    And much more…

Why Super Counsellor is the best program to overcome the professional challenges faced by Career Counsellor?

  • No franchise fee involved
  • No royalty involved
  • Constant up-gradation of career guidance news and course options
  • No restriction of operation. You can operate from any geographical location

Career counselling businesses in India have a huge scope. They have potential demand in the market in the form of students, schools, parents, organizations, and individuals looking for guidance in some form or the other. Career Counsellors can leverage the technological know-how and business acumen with Super Counsellor to overcome the challenges faced by them in the long run.


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