According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, EY Report on K12 Education, the market size for career assessment in India is currently at Rs 5000 crore and is continuously evolving. This statistic is a good example of why career counsellors i.e. those who guide others are so desperately needed in Indian society. If this is the need in India, the global demand, as you can imagine, is much larger.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increased demand for private career counselling business.

With the right support, licensing and credentials, you could open a private practice as a counsellor. Getting the right help and guidance is important to familiarize oneself with the industry-standard tests. So, this is the best time to be in the career counselling business.

But, what is the best way to become a career counsellor?

Is it through a degree or a masters program? Or smartly, through a certification program from UCLA Extension. UCLA Extension is globally renowned for its great learning experience, the value of education and quality.

The Best way, however, to become a career counsellor and set up your own career counseling enterprise is by choosing Asia’s first incubator for career counsellors. It is in association with UCLA Extension and Univariety making it a dual certification course garnering high repute.

Super Counsellor is a career counselling program that supports individuals who seek to set up their own career counselling business. They get access to world-class resources and tools to strengthen their practices. Super Counsellor seeks to convert individuals who want to set up their own career counseling business into –

    • Capable 
    • Market-ready 
    • Recognized
Career counselors who have the enterprise to set up shop.

The Super Counsellor Program has some inherent advantages that make it the best way to start a career counselling business anywhere.

Earning potential: The super counsellor program has a lot of earning potential and one can make profits by counselling students and professionals looking for a job change. The session prices can be fixed as per credibility and the UCLA certification adds a lot. 

Technological support: The Super Counsellor program offers high-end world-class technical support to all those who want to set up a career counseling business anywhere. This program will help them start their own enterprise and set up their own business ventures.

Marketing Collateral: Super Counsellor Program also gives candidates marketing collateral that will be helpful in running their business and creating a brand. Marketing material from the program will be helpful in promotions and creating a positive impact on the career counseling venture. 

Expert guidance: Receiving expert guidance on career counseling and the new trends to create a better impact on students’ is another facet that is primary to the program. You get expert guidance from counselors and industry stars who can give you great tips and teach you the fine nuances of career counselling.

Super Counsellor has so far created over 300+ success stories and is changing the career counselling space with its unique strategy, great candidate support and expert inputs.

Zehhra Mirza from Mumbai has set up her own career counselling venture and worked with premier colleges like HR and Jamnabai for career counselling. 

She credits Super Counsellor program for her success and calls it a one-stop solution for all needs. 

Many of our Super Counsellors have a long-standing relationship and this increases the engagement and interaction. Setting up your own career counselling venture with the right marketing collateral and guidance can help you reap rewards. 

So, what are you waiting for?



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