“Change is Inevitable. Change is Constant” Benjamin Disraeli

We all grow up with dreams, aspirations, desires which may or may not translate into our ambitions or goals and eventually, into our careers. Building up a career path is extremely difficult and requires a lot of time and effort. However, it is very fragile and temporary in nature. Today whatever seems like an exceptional career option may not be existing in the near future. Technological advancements, political transformations, development in the needs of the people – everything affects the shelf life of any profession or a career option. It leads to the birth of new career opportunities or extinction of the existing ones.

It is during the times of such change, individuals fail to transcend themselves to the incoming transformation and eventually, fall out of the race. This is the time when an individual faces a mid-life career crisis, a stagnant career plateau which can be very taxing on his/her mental peace and self-esteem. It is at times like this, an individual should look for an intervention, a second career opportunity that is more helpful, that relates well to his/her expertise, helps him/her do more for the society at large and gives him/her an inner purpose to trudge forward willingly.

One such career option is Career Counselling. Counselling can come across like a very tedious profession that requires stacks of degrees in psychology, human science and profound knowledge in the education industry. But that is not the case. In reality, Career Counselling requires understanding the education sector, competitiveness surrounding the career-building and the most important – individual’s career experience in his/her academic and professional career path. Nothing makes a brilliant Career Counsellor than a person who learnt from his career journey and imparts the same knowledge to students who need it earnestly.

Career can be made in any background and hence a Career counsellor can belong to any background. He or she need not be a scholar in human science or human psychology to be a great career counsellor. All they need to do is some genuine research as to what are the problems faced by individuals regarding career path formation and opt for some effective courses in Career Counselling and guidance practices from reputed institutions.

One can start by enrolling for a career counsellor certification course. A great one is the Global Career Counsellor Certification program. It is an online certification course that consists of 15 modules with a test at the end of every module. This course is provided by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension and Univariety, Singapore.

This program is an amalgam of learnings from distinguished Indian and International experts in the field of counselling. The curriculum helps you to become a successful career counsellor by educating you on how to align student’s interests with career guidance and getting you updated with best practices in career counselling practised both in India and abroad.

By being GCC certified, you open doors to a bright future and a world of opportunities. Through GCC, one can work for progressive schools, reputed universities, established consultancies or even set up their own venture.

How to set-up a Career Counselling Business Despite one’s educational and professional background?

With the right knowledge and mentorship, it is quite possible to set up your own Career Counselling startup business plan in India. The Startups can have the following business models:

  • Online Counseling Website and Sessions: These online counselling businesses provide all the necessary information regarding career counselling on online portals and websites
  • Tuition Facilities for Entrance Exam preparation: Some businesses provide regular tuition and tutorials to excel various entrance exams, skillsets which are necessary to venture into certain careers
  • Physical Counseling Center for all related services: These companies provide in-person counselling to individuals with the help of expert counsellors with necessary certifications.

To make the career counselling setup easier, the Super Counsellor program offers the best benefits. Super Counsellor is India’s first incubator for Career Counseling Startups. It provides solutions to those who are looking to set up their own career counselling business and career guidance venture.

It assists entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own venture in the future by providing the following benefits:

  • Technological support
  • International certification from UCLA Extention
  • Expert Guidance on setting up a career counselling business
  • Branding of the business
  • Assistance and support
  • Regularly updated information on guidance and counselling

Why Super Counsellor is the best program for you to start a career counselling business in India?

  • No franchise fee involved
  • No royalty involved
  • Constant up-gradation of career guidance news and course options
  • No restriction of operation. You can operate from any geographical location

So, if you have been wondering how to go about setting up your own venture or diversify into some lucrative industry without your educational background affecting your decision, look out for the Career Counselling as a business and open a door full of opportunities.

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