It is a world full of opportunities for Career Counsellors. The education market in India has exploded. However, students are still unaware of the many paths that are available to them. Moreover, most schools are unable to meet the requirements of Career Counselling due to the sheer volume of students and the lack of quality career guidance specialists. Thus, schools are outsourcing this activity to independent consultants.

How can you become a Career Counsellor in India?

Most traditional career counsellors in India have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Behavioural Sciences and they top that up with a Master’s degree in Counselling. However, newer pathways have emerged now.

While experience does go a long way in determining the quality of your work and how popular you go on to become as a Career Counsellor, becoming a qualified Career Counsellor is as simple as doing the Global Career Counselling Certification. Using this certification, you can begin to practice as a career counsellor anywhere in the world.

How do you expand and nurture your career as a Career Counsellor?

To be good at what you do, you must be comfortable having conversations with strangers, have strong communication skills, especially listening, be able to stay updated on new trends in the education sector and do tons of research within reliable sources of information. It is only then that you will be able to provide suitable advice.

Once you gain some experience, you can start off your own consulting firm. It will allow you to combine your counselling and entrepreneurial skills. There are a couple of ways for you to choose the path of entrepreneurship.


Franchising is considered to be quite a successful model of business expansion. It is a contractual agreement between two parties- the franchisor and the franchisee. In this agreement, the franchisor agrees to share its trademark and brand name with the franchisee, who then uses the brand name to sell products and services.

The franchisee has to pay a one-time fee to acquire the rights of distribution from the franchisor and also has to pay a regular ‘royalty’ from the gross turnovers that they make.

How does this apply to the field of Career Counselling?

If you are unaware of how to set up an independent business, then you can contact an existing career counselling company that enjoys a certain reputation and request them to share their brand name with you for a certain franchise fee. In turn, they will offer you the rights to use their brand name and also train you to meet their standards of operations. In this way, you will not have to worry about the initial capital expenditure and hiccups of starting a business and you will also have an independent setup of your own with a certain brand name.

Is franchising right for you?

However, franchising comes with its own share of problems. There are several hungry players in the market, who end up compromising on the quality of their work for some extra money. They might promise you the world for the ‘franchise fee’ you pay but give you substandard or no support at all. So, you must be very careful in choosing a franchise partner.

The other major drawback of running a franchise-based model is royalty. No matter how your business is doing, you must continue to pay a royalty of a certain amount as stated in the franchise agreement. This can end up killing your business especially if you are not doing very well in terms of volume of customers.

Is there another way for you to become an entrepreneur?

Fortunately, there is! Once you finish doing the Global Career Counselling Certification, you can go on to sign up for the Super Counsellor program. It is India’s first incubator for Career Counsellors.

In other words, by signing up for the Super Counsellor program, you will receive access to an entire platform that can assist you with everything you need to have an independent setup- right from a website to marketing tools and the like. All this training will be available to you as you go and will be backed by the credibility of Univariety. You also won’t have to pay a royalty to anybody and can have your own brand name which you can build and expand.

Establish your own business today by signing up for the Super Counsellor program!


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