These are the tough times where life has come to a standstill with a global pandemic. Now, with the current lockdown in force, people are restricted to their homes and no one knows how long it will impact their lives. Many businesses have changed their dynamics and way of offering things. Many migrated to the online mode of delivery. There is a sudden rise for online courses and digital learning platforms.

Counsellors have seen a sea change in the number of requests pouring in for online counselling. Students who insisted for a face-to-face interaction earlier are now switching to online mode of communication to interact with counsellors. Now, it’s time for counsellors to adapt to this change. 

Counsellors have to adapt to the changing times by… 

Investing in Learning & Development

The first and foremost activity to take up during this lockdown time is learning a new skill or subscribing to an online course. As counsellors this is the right time to upskill yourself with courses like Global Career Counsellor that gives you international certifications from UCLA Extension, USA. The course gives an overview of all the courses from Engineering to Medicine to Commerce to Humanities. It also gives insights into global colleges and admissions. Investing in this course is an investment for lifetime. 

Increasing the scope of work

If you are limited to certain areas of career guidance, you can slowly venture into other areas that are important in these times. With the postponement of exams and delayed admission processes, students are confused with what to be done next. As a career counsellor try different ways to help them out. This brings more credibility and you can scale up in your profession. When you can give timely updates and provide the latest trends in university admissions, and help students get closer to their dreams, you always stay ahead of the game. 

Switching to entrepreneurial mode

This is time to plan for your entrepreneurial journey. You might have always dreamt of starting something of your own, and now you can make the first move. If you are a counsellor and want to set up a business, Super Counsellor can help you realize your dreams. Along with the conceptual knowledge, it provides marketing support and technical support for your counselling business. With low investment and working capital, you can start your venture and get good rewards. The team also develops a microsite of your enterprise that helps you connect with prospective students and parents. 

Encouraging Students for Digital Learning

You have established your counselling venture and now motivate students to go digital. The lockdown made a heavy impact on learning with many educational institutions switching to the online mode. Conduct webinars and live chat sessions to give information and updates to students. This also helps as a promotional tool for your career counselling venture. Students will look forward to your sessions as you are giving them credible information, and they may turn into your clients. 

Try working on the above mentioned things and you will emerge as a successful counsellor. Don’t stop learning and earning during the lockdown. 


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