“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Here’s the story of a person who has been looking for success all through his life and has a tendency of not stopping anywhere until he gets and delivers the best. 

Abhishek Gupta(certified career counsellor) hails from Gurgaon, and he had humble beginnings in the career counselling space. Now, Gupta is a seasoned Career Counselling with a clientele of 15000+ students and takes pride in conducting 400+ career guidance workshops in various schools and educational institutions across the globe. 

The Global Career Counselling Certification

Mr. Gupta is a Bachelors in Commerce (Honors) and a Masters in Marketing Management. He got Global Career Counselling Certification (GCC) from UCLA Extension and an Executive Post Graduate Program in Management from UCLA. 

The Award Winner(Abhishek Gupta)

Abhishek Gupta won many awards including the Golden Star Best Innovative Career Counsellor in 2018 and Best Career Counsellor at the World Education Conclave in 2018. He is a member of the National Career Development Association, the USA, and an impaneled Career Counsellor with the leading FB group: High School Moms.

When Mr. Abhishek Gupta(Certified Career Counsellor) wanted to set up his OWN Career Counselling Business, he was looking for a service provider that can offer support and guidance. His search led him to Super Counsellor Program – India’s first incubator for career counselors.

What is Super Counsellor Program? 

Super Counsellor Program blends super Smart Technology with career counselling and helps career counsellors to scale up as Entrepreneurs. It houses a lot of attractive options that enable counselors to set up their own businesses. With Super Counsellor Program, Abhishek Gupta took his counseling venture to a new altitude.

The Unique Algorithm

Mr. Abhishek Gupta is a believer in the fact that children need proactive guidance to make better career choices. With Super Counsellor Plus, Abhishek got access to 26+ research tools that help his students to search colleges, countries, and countries that suit their requirement. The course fee and scholarship calculator help them plan their finances. Super Counsellor Program unique algorithm and the custom search option is a boon for career counsellors in india and is an instant hit among the students.

Student Success Stories

Abhishek Gupta strives hard to give proactive guidance to students in case of career-related decisions.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and most of the careers from the past have no relevance in the present times. So, we need an overhaul in terms of choosing the right careers that are futuristic. Super Counsellor fills the void and enables counsellors with more information and direction. All in all, a career counsellor with a proven track record of writing student success stories forms a critical milestone in the student journey,” avers an exuberant Abhsihek. 

The Passionate Career Counsellor

Mr. Gupta comes with extensive work experience in the education sector that’s spread across schools and colleges. His research and passion gave him an edge over others and armed him industry trends and insights. He uses the search and other advanced features from the Super Counsellor to extract the relevant information in a jiffy. This, in turn, helps him to chart out a professional roadmap for students. 

About Global Certified Career Counsellor

Abhishek Gupta has set up his career counselling venture, Global Career Counsellor, with great support from the Super Counsellor team. Abhishek believes that, with changing times, the way you look at counselling should also be changed. More of technology integration, anytime support many time access should be the hallmark of career counselling. Every child has the power to excel and get to their dream careers and Global Career Counsellor aims to achieve that and make it a reality. 

The company is powered by Super Counsellor and offers the following services. 

  • Personalized Career Roadmap
  • Psychometric Assessments 
  • Course, College, Career Research Tools
  • Stream and College Selection Guidance
  • Scholarships & Finance options for study

Mr.Abhishek Gupta(certified career counsellor) reiterates that his company has grown manifold in the career guidance space with the support of Super Counsellor. The students who walk in for a counselling session,  walk out with a smile on their face. There are clear in their thoughts are able to choose a career that’s the best fit for them. All thanks to career guidance and Super Counsellor.