Pune, the eighth-largest city in India, is located in the western-central part of Maharashtra amongst the Sahyadri Ranges and the Deccan Plateau. The city is ranked number one in India for the Ease of living it provides to its citizens. It is rightfully called the “Queen of Deccan” because of the rich historic culture it holds. From the ancient forts to modern universities, this city has everything to offer in a platter.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had referred Pune as the “Oxford and Cambridge” of India. Pune houses more than 50 educational institutes and research houses which boast of holding around 20,000 ancient manuscripts written in Sanskrit and Prakrit languages. The city is also the headquarters of the southern command of the Indian army, with the Khadakwasla Academy located nearby. Being a pioneer in the education industry from the beginning, Pune is a hub for educationists, career counsellors, and career guidance centres. So, the need of career counsellors in Pune is more. 

Here are some of the best career counsellors in Pune:

BWC Advisory Solutions: BWC Advisory Solutions finds its backbone to be Vishal Bhosale’s relentless commitment to the field of career counselling. Through this company, he went one step further in realizing his dream and, in turn, helping others realize their own dreams. Vishal comes from the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Pune. He has an MS in MIS (Paris), BE E&TC, and also an ongoing PGDM in Mental Health and Counselling. He believes in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to levelling up his skills in the field. He is a passionate learner and thrives on the challenges that the field of counselling can pose.

Counselling Career: Counselling Career works on the principle of guiding young adults and children to better understand themselves through carefully curated programs. They have a team of experienced educationists, corporate trainers and counsellors who enable individuals through powerful mechanisms to deal with everyday issues.

Their team is specially trained to assist students in their process of self-reflection, with a deep focus on their well being. Besides Counselling Career, Dr Satpute is also the President of Counselling People and has been providing extensive corporate training services to some of the leading firms to help them understand, assess and develop their human capital.

Flying High: Flying High is a Pune based counselling services company with operational offices in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Karnataka. Shashikant heads the main office of Flying High, with Ashish Upadhyay offering Immigration Counselling services, Priti Narkhede bringing her students and parents counselling expertise to the table and Apoorva Deshmukh offering Financial Advice and related counselling to students and parents. Shashikant Dhanshetti, the founder,  has always believed that education paints the perfect future for students. To work towards this future, it is important to give students the opportunity for success. Shashikant is an avid believer in the fact the youth is the future of the nation and his years of experience in counselling students is a testament to that. 

Nester Consulting: Nester consulting is established on the principle of children and candidates finding a safe place to explore their career choices, prepare for skills of future and set realistic short term goals to attain their vision in life. The company website www.nesterconsulting.in focuses on providing integrated counselling to shape up a career in synchronization with personality thereby contributing to make this world a better place. It believes in catering to the needs and requirements of the student with the help of the above-stated experience.

It is a platform where individuals can explore the myriad possibilities for college admissions, overseas college admissions, and visa consultancy. The website provides ample options for 10+2 career choices with the help of Univariety. The company is also equipped to administer various personality tests and Career Guidance Tests to their clients. It is a comprehensive package for a student to prepare for future. It also envisions helping organizations foster skills of future and contributing in creating ethical leaders of tomorrow.

Pro Career Guide: The company headed by Rupali focuses to aid individuals to explore themselves, accept what they are and aim higher in their lives to reach their optimum. It helps clear the presumptions of individuals regarding career choices and college hunting through self-analysis, setting clear and achievable goals, provide necessary information for the available resources and their utilization and provide future planning to implement all the learning learnt through their sessions.

They provide support counselling services for several clients at the initial stage of the sessions. Challenges are what drive Rupali. One can describe her as a “Motivated” and “Ambitious” individual who has a great vision for educating and counselling students from all backgrounds. Her belief in herself and her experience helps her to serve as a true guide to the students and their parents.

These are the few best career counsellors

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