Dominique Lapierre, a French Author had rightly called Kolkata as the “City of Joy”! Be it the vibrant culture of the city, the soothing banks of the Ganges or the rich heritage, Kolkata has it all. Kolkata reflects a classic blend of the rich Bengali culture and Victorian influence since the British rule era.

Besides being the “Cultural Capital” of the country, Kolkata has been home to some legendary personalities. Noble Laureates like Rabindranath Tagore, C.V. Raman, Amartya Sen, Mother Theresa and the very recent addition – Abhijeet Banerjee; all have been associated with Kolkata. A city that bestows such gems is bound to have bountiful of potential and talent. To identify and hone these potentials into something meaningful is the true achievement for any nation.

Here are some of the Best Career Counsellors in Kolkata:

Advansity: The company founded by Jeetender Kaur – Advansity is a one-stop destination in helping every student understand themselves, undergo the journey in selecting the most appropriate career. All aspirants are provided with resources to undergo the process of career planning and career development objectives with utmost care and satisfaction. Advansity’s programmes are scientifically structured as per international standards to guide students step by step in career decision making, college admissions, and job oriented courses.

GenX Career: GenXCareer is a Career Counselling service provider in Kolkata, founded by Ms Rupali Banerjee, a Certified Career Counsellor. GenXCareer is a team of professional and trained counsellors who believe that a student can excel in his or her career path if guided on the best choices at the right time. Ms Rupali Banerjee is a seasoned Career Counsellor with over 20+ years of experience in the corporate industry. Hailing from ‘the city of joy’ Kolkata, Ms Rupali aims at bringing a change and imprinting the right influence on young students and professionals of today.

Ignite Hives: Ignite Hives is a one-stop destination to begin all your journeys into further studies, careers and other goals. They aim to be the harbinger of change in the career guidance domain by employing transformational career guidance approaches. They teach students strategies to battle stress and we educate individuals on how to cope with disruptions in careers. They empower our mentees with insights into how to analyse work, emotions, and behaviour. What they learn with us helps them all their lives. 

Uniquast: Uniqast is a one-roof solution for all the counselling problems and accounting and financial matters. The organisation aims at providing the following services to all the classes of the society through its website. Sushmita Chakraborty, the founder,  holds a Masters in Applied Psychology. She has attended an Advanced Workshop on “The Application of Psychological Tests in Personality Assessment & Therapeutic Intervention” from Nai Subah, Varanasi. She has also attended a workshop on “Sambhuti: The Secret of Conscious Maternity & Parenting in Spiritual Light ” from Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture, Puducherry. Apart from this, she holds a Certification in Global Career Counselling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) and a Green Belt Certification from Global Career Counselling from Univariety, Singapore. 

Levitate Yourself: Levitate Yourself is the brainchild of Raghunath Das. This career guidance entity strives to be a valuable brand in the next coming years. The company’s vision is to have a national and global presence in the next 5-10 years. The expert counsellors ar Levitate Yourself provides world-class information and services. They also provide coaching for the students to help them excel in their careers. Levitate Yourself is the brainchild of Raghunath Das. This career guidance entity strives to be a valuable brand in the next coming years. The company’s vision is to have a national and global presence in the next 5-10 years. 

Rite Way Career Solutions: The company headed by Dr. Jagadish Kundu is at the forefront of bringing youngsters close to their dream careers. He has groomed, coached and transformed more than one thousand youngsters into successful professionals. Dr. Kundu is passionate about helping the younger generation and being a beacon of hope for them. The company website integrates the latest career guidance technology and provides psychometric assessment tests on its platform. These technological tools help students to make the right decisions by identifying their strengths and personality traits. That, in turn, increases the happiness quotient of the clients and the company takes pride in giving its share of happiness to youngsters looking for the right options. 

These are a few of the best career counsellors and career guidance centers in Kolkata. To know more about them and other similar Career Counsellors