“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

They say that if you want to change the world, you have to begin with yourself. But how can someone bring about a change in themselves? Human beings are slaves to their age-old habits and old habits die hard. It takes years and years for a person to overcome their habits and bring in a change in themselves. But there is one thing which brings in a tremendous change in the individuals. It’s called learning and educating oneself.

Life is nothing but a learning cycle. You keep on learning and seldom unlearn things. While unlearning something might be a difficult task, learning a new subject, educating oneself is immensely empowering. So if an individual plan to bring in a change in themselves they should do so by educating themselves with new skills and talents. It is a foolproof road to self-discovery and self-improvement.

Although there are several ways to do that, one should learn things which would benefit society. Like they say learn good that creates a greater good. To understand it more clearly, one should add such a skillset in their learning sphere which they could use to create better things in society.

We all know how education makes an impact on the world and how it makes it a better place. But education without any purpose can be futile. A person needs a purpose to function and that purpose is understood when a person knows what he/she aspires to in his/her life. This is only possible if the person understands his/her inherent talent, personality and the true potential.

Career Counsellors provide this rare knowledge to the seekers. They are responsible to unlock the true potential within a person and help them seek the right path for their career. Hence, Career counsellors are actually helping society at large by helping people lead the right paths. They are not only changing the lives of their clients but are creating this positive domino effect which is eventually changing the entire world. Hence, educating a person to lead a right path actually leads to a greater good which benefits the entire world.

Hence if you truly aspire to change the world you can do so by learning about Career Counselling and Career Guidance. But to move ahead with that you have to first understand what is truly meant by guidance and counselling and how they impact an individual’s life.

“True guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It doesn’t show everything once. But gives enough light for the next step to be safe” -Swami Vivekananda

Guidance in all its forms is crucial for one’s existence. Human life is an ode to a journey that starts at birth, flourishes abundantly under the guidance from the surroundings, from parents, from peers, and from teachers. The word “guidance” originated back in the 1530s and is explained as the process of directing conduct.

Throughout a person’s life, he/she comes across various opportunities and decisive junctures. Such a situation needs to be handled with an extreme understanding of one’s ability and interest. This is only possible when there is a solid foundation of self-awareness and future opportunities. This systematic approach is called Career Guidance. Career guidance can be defined as

“A comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices.”

Students at various junctures in their lives require Career Guidance. Following are some crucial stages:

  1. Students of Grade 9th – 10th: This stage requires the utmost attention as it lays the foundation for the careers of the respective students. The decisions taken at this stage will provide a direction towards what the person wants to do in the future.
  2. Students of Grade 11th -12th: This stage requires some critical guidance as students belonging to this grade are going to appear for some of the toughest entrance exams in the country. The success of their career bandwagon depends on excelling in these exams and getting their desired institution.

Despite being so essential, career guidance has not been reaching the students in India at the crucial juncture of their careers. Here is why –

  • Poor Counsellor to Student Ratio: India is a Career Counsellor deficit country with a need of 1.4 million career counsellors to maintain a globally acceptable ratio. It is the need of the hour to have more career counsellors in the industry. Aspiring counsellors should make the most of the opportunity and join educational institutions to create a difference in society.
  • No regulation for having a mandatory Career Counsellor in Schools: Indian government has not enforced a mandate stating the presence of career counsellors in the schools and educational institutes. The government should look into creating necessary regulations and guidelines to promote counselling as it will help them promote non-conventional career paths to students through the career counsellors.
  • Lack of knowledge: There are still many students and parents who do not understand the concept of career counselling and do not even think about taking any consultation before deciding upon their child’s career. Not every student is the same and he/she shouldn’t be judged on the universal scale provided by the rudimentary education system. As they say, “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.”
  • “Follow the herd” mentality: Oftentimes, in India, professions and career paths are decided by referring to the trend. If a certain career option seems promising in the near future, all the people just follow that option because everyone around them is doing so. According to recent studies, students opting for conventional and popular career choices tend to switch their career paths in the middle of their educational journey which affects their credibility and mental stability.

Benefits of Career Guidance in Schools:

Career Guidance may seem like a rare sight in today’s education system in India. While a few national education boards have made it compulsory to have counsellors within the institute, almost 93% of schools in India don’t have a professional career counsellor on board. There is an urgent need for career counsellors at the school level in India. But it is gradually picking up its momentum as schools and parents are understanding the importance of having Career Guidance centres within their organization.

A recent estimate based on reports from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, EY Report on K12 Education and KPMG market report on K12 education, states that the market size for career counselling and guidance is estimated at over Rs 5,000 crore in India and constantly growing. Developing economies are majorly appreciating the impact of career counselling in helping students with the right options and thus contributing to changing the world.

Elements of an Excellent Career Counsellor and a Career Guide:

The following can be determined as the elements of true career guidance:

Availability of a Qualified Career Counsellor:- It is very crucial to have a qualified guide or counsellor who is experienced and who understands a student’s needs. This person will be the key individual to convey the guidance to the students and hence, must possess necessary soft-skills, should be empathetic and understand the ever-changing education environment and relate it successfully to an individual’s career.

A Secure Environment:- A student needs to open up and communicate freely with the counsellor or guide to ensure proper flow of guidance from a counsellor to the student. This is only possible if there is a conducive environment that supports the free flow of communication and provides a sense of security to the students which makes them feel at ease to discuss their problems with the counsellor.

Foundation of Trust and Confidence: In most of the career guidance scenarios, the only guidance an individual has is the opinion of his/her parents, judgments of the teachers, perception, and ideas of neighbours, experiences, and instances of friends or peers. While they might be unbiased and rational, they cannot be relied upon as they do not possess sufficient evidence. Career Guidance has to overcome this lack of evidence by providing proven facts, scientific solutions that are easy to understand and implement. This will build a foundation of trust and confidence in the mind of the students.

Progressive Mindset: A counsellor should have a progressive mindset so as to understand the needs and aspirations of today’s Generation X and Generation Y. With the advent of social media, the world has become a smaller place and information gets outdated in no time. A counsellor has to understand the impact of these social platforms on the mindset of the students and be able to come up with solutions that are capable of fulfiling both conventional as well as non-conventional career options.

Bridging the gap between students and their aspiration: Students can pursue their passions as their career with the right career counsellor at their disposal. Fine-tuning of an individual’s personality helps him/her go a long way in his/her professional journey. It helps them form their individual identity which reflects on their future career growth and success. A counsellor’s help essentially assists an individual to not only grow professionally but enhance their personality for a better life in future and help them to stand apart in the rat-race of this generation.

A dynamic career guidance system will help schools achieve the following benefits:

  • Understanding the true potential of their students: Students tend to be more open and candid in one-to-one counselling than in front of their peers and parents. This helps the students, their parents and their teachers understand the true potential which is very crucial to select a beneficial career path in future.
  • Choosing the right career path: Many schools don’t give importance to choosing the right career path’s decision as much as they give to fairing well in the yearly examinations. This myopic vision leads to ignorance to crucial decisions like choosing the right career path for the students.
  • Creating a road map for the students to achieve several career milestones: Career counselling not just helps students find their right career path, it also helps them create a roadmap that gives them solutions to get closer to their goal with every step. It helps them prepare for the incoming entrance exams and ace them with flying colours.
  • Providing a reassurance to parents that their wards are in the right hands: Career counsellors look after the students’ psyche and help to shape their attitude and personality. This helps their parents understand them better and be more open to accepting their ward’s aspirations reassuring them that their ward is in the right hands.
  • Helping teachers understand the unique needs of every student: Teachers need to understand that every student is unique and their way to cope with things is also different. A counsellor can help teachers by identifying the potential of every child and share it with the teachers, giving them a clear picture of the functioning of their students’ brains.
  • To support the smooth functioning of the schools: Schools need to operate on multiple levels and throughout the year. It’s really important for the schools to streamline their operations to maintain their pace and momentum. A functional counselling department helps the school achieve that quite effortlessly.

Career counselling as a business is also a coveted opportunity as the skills required to be in the career counselling business include:

  • Listening skills
  • Communicative skills
  • Learning capacity
  • Constantly updated information on career counselling
  • Desire to help students in a genuine manner

Career counselling as a business is not anymore a far-fetched opportunity.

Although having such a robust career guidance system may seem like a challenge right now, there are many organizations like Supercounsellor.com that provide the necessary resources to set up viable counselling centres within the schools. The Super counsellor with its unique program design has helped 350+ candidates set up their career counselling business in many parts of the world.

Super Counsellor is India’s first incubator for Career Counseling Startups. It provides solutions to those who are looking to set up their own career counselling business and career guidance venture. It assists entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own venture in the future by providing the following benefits:

  1. Technological support: Having cutting edge technology access and high-end support to stay updated on college, courses and country options will ease the process of service delivery. Technological support from a reputed agency will make collating information on students and make counselling much easier.
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  3. Expert Guidance on setting up a career counselling business: The Super counsellor with its unique program design has helped 350+ candidates set up their career counselling business in many parts of the world. They have some brilliant counsellor network which helps them in sharing expert advice with the budding counsellors.
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  5. Assistance and support: They provide you with prompt and efficient support that is available at your disposal at any time. Their assistance team makes sure that all your queries are solved on a timely basis and there are no grievances left to be addressed.
  6. Regularly updated information on guidance and counselling: Supercounsellor provides you with the latest information and key changes that take place in the world of career counselling and guidance.
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Super Counsellor has helped many such dreamers achieve and translate what they want into reality. With a focussed business vision, the program gives those who want to choose career counselling as a business the perfect platform.

It is an optimum solution to set up a dynamic Career Guidance opportunity within the schools in India.

Why Super Counsellor is the Perfect Incubator for Career Counsellors?

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Salient features of Super Counsellor Program

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Super Counsellor has helped many individuals realise their dream of setting up their own career counselling ventures.

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