About 10 years ago from now, who had expected that a ‘Social Media Manager’ would be a full-time opportunity in every company? 

There has been a paradigm shift from old-fashioned career choices due to the ever-evolving world. These new career opportunities emerge with technology advancements and growth. 

More opportunities have created  more choices leaving students in a dilemma being 

  • Uninformed 
  • Perplexed 
  • Unaware 

This has created a need for career counsellors in India

What is Career Counselling and why is it essential?

Career Counselling is the art of assisting individuals looking to start or establish their careers. Career counselors utilize a variety of tools, methods, techniques and more to obtain information about the client. This will help them analyze the skill set, education preferences, personality, and overall goals. 

Career counselling is essential because of the

  • Increasing opportunities in career options
  • Rising dilemma in students 
  • Difficult admission and entrance process

Career Counselling Business: Scope for Growth in Segment 

The career assessment and career guidance market is currently estimated at over Rs 5000 crore and is growing constantly. Thus, the scope for growth and business in this segment is highly lucrative. 

In such a scenario, starting a career counselling business is highly recommended as it is highly profitable. 

This makes having your own career counselling setup very profitable. 

Starting a career counselling business can be made simple!


A career counselling business plan requires one to be aware of the latest industry trends and have the right equipment in order to equip students.

To make the career counseling setup easier, the Super Counsellor program offers the best benefits.

Super Counsellor: India’s First Incubator for Career Counsellors 

Super Counsellor is a one-of-its-kind program that provides solutions to those looking to set up their own career counseling business and career counselling venture. It assists individuals who are looking to start their own venture with all the requirements including an international certification, adequate job support, and research tools. 

It is a career counselling business model that gives one all the collateral and support required to start up a career counselling setup

It supports 

  • Individuals 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Career counsellors 
  • Psychological counsellors 
  • Interested persons 

In setting up their own career counselling business in India. 

Career counsellors can leverage the technological know-how and business acumen with Super Counsellor to set up their own career counselling venture in India. 

Best Features of Super Counsellor Program that make it an Absolute Must-have for setting up a career counselling business 

Super Counsellor is India’s first incubator for career counsellors. When one signs up, they get access to 

  • Technological support 
  • International certification from UCLA Extention 
  • Expert Guidance on setting up a career counselling business 
  • Branding of the business
  • Assistance and support 
  • Regularly updated information on guidance and counselling

And much more

Why Super Counsellor is the best program for you for setting up a career counselling venture?

  • No franchise fee involved 
  • No royalty involved 
  • Constant up-gradation of career guidance news and course options 
  • No restriction of operation. You can operate from any geographical location

Career counselling business in India has a huge scope. It is using the demand well that becomes important to generate revenue and set up a career counselling business

The success stories of Super Counsellor have also projected that it is of high value-addition in terms of helping counsellors with respect to

  • Personalized Career Roadmaps for students 
  • Psychometric assessments and research tools 
  • Course, College, Career in-depth research Tools
  • Stream selection Guidance
  • Scholarships & Finance options help

Super Counsellor has impacted the lives of many individuals and enabled them to set up their own career counselling ventures

Are you a Super Counsellor?




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