New-age entrepreneurs have always been looking out for new business ideas and the right opportunities to invest and gain benefits. However, they are skeptical about the risks that may come with them. Few areas need a lot of investment and technological prowess. Even after zeroing on something there are concerns about incubators and other resources that can train and help them set up shop.

Did you know?

There is a perfect entrepreneurial opportunity for all the budding entrepreneurs who are risk-averse and want to take a plunge in the business world. This is one of the startup business ideas with less capital and ideal for women entrepreneurs. All you need is a flair for talking to people and understanding their needs and guiding them accordingly.

That’s Career Counselling!

These days youngsters get influenced by different people and forces to make career choices. Many succumb to family pressure and take hasty decisions. At some later stage, they realize the need and importance of career guidance but the damage is already done. This calls for a root cause analysis and working on the problem at the grassroots level.

The students are flooded with a lot of career options but are not able to choose the right one. An expert career counsellor helps students choose their career based on their strengths, values, interests and innate abilities. That makes Career Counselling the need of the hour and one of the most sought after business opportunities in education and training.

Nowadays parents are moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and want the right career guidance for their children. They have realized the They are willing to invest time and money to consult a career counsellor before investing lakhs of rupees in college admissions.

So, they need career counselling. That makes it one of the most promising businesses.

Many want to become a career counsellor and offer career consulting services. But don’t know where and how to start as understanding career counselling business can be tricky. Career Counselling setup may look simple but can spin many complexities without a guide who can help with starting a career counselling business.

Many questions arise in terms of credibility, marketing and pricing the services. Does it need a website to start the business? And many more.

Here’s a solution – Super Counsellor Plus.

A first-of-its-kind program that supports individuals aspiring to set up their own career counselling venture and provides them with world-class resources to strengthen their practice.

Super Counsellor Plus runs on a super-smart technology that gives the information of all the colleges in India and abroad. The unique algorithm helps career counselors to do a custom searches for a particular student.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits you get from Super Counsellor Plus

  • Technological Support – Smart search, website integration, psychometric assessments, white-labeling, and more. Counselors and institutions can offer the best in career guidance by leveraging technology and various tools.
  • Search Page – To get leads for your business, you get a free listing on the Super Counsellor search page where students can search for a career counsellor in their city. This way it will be easy to establish connections with students and increase your brand presence.  

  • Workshop Presentations – Super Counsellor Plus offers 9 presentations across different topics. The presentations can be used to conduct workshops and seminars in schools and other establishments. Counsellors can organize sessions on universal topics of career guidance and use these presentations to enhance their offering.

  • Marketing Guidance – Promotions of your setup form an integral part and Super Counsellor Plus provides marketing collaterals and a fantastic 5-page website. The website highlights your qualifications, achievement, and your journey as a career counselor. It also talks about the best practices for your company.

  • Job Edge – Since you have the technology, which helps in student database management and psychometric assessments, you get an edge over others to work with schools on a full-time, part-time or freelance basis. On top of it, you have guidance and international certification that put you in a different league.

  • Earning Opportunity – This business requires low investment as it doesn’t need heavy infrastructure setup. There are hardly any recurring expenses. As your experience grows, the earning opportunity increases. And nothing beats it.

Your students also get a world-class experience.

  • Research Tools – Students can access information on various courses, colleges, and careers using 26 Research Tools. They can match the preferences with the search results and arrive at the best fit after a few interactions with the counselor.

  • Intensive Support – They get intensive support and timely updates that increase their admission chances

  • College & Scholarship Guidance – The technology-enabled counseling helps students to search for options alongside taking the expert advice to choose what works for them the most. They will also get information on scholarships and other finance options.


Super Counsellor Plus offers so much for your career growth and catapults your business to success. It’s India’s FIRST Incubator for Career Counsellors powered by Univariety.





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