Hyderabad is rightly called the city of contrast. On one side it has the old world charm reminding us of the Nizam Royalty (Old Hyderabad) and on the other side is the modern, contemporary edge of the smart urban living (Hitech Cyberabad).

This city is a hub for all the major IT industries, some exceptional universities, and some note-worthy Mughal heritage. With the growing development, the city is attracting youth from all over the country providing them bountiful opportunities for growth and success.

One more sector that has boomed recently in this ever-growing city is the Career Counselling industry. With rapid urbanization, development of schools, colleges and other educational institutes, Hyderabad has become a home for some successful career counsellors

Be it career coaching, online career guidance, career counselling incubators; Hyderabad has everything that you are looking for.

Here are some of the Best Career Counsellors in Hyderabad:

ACA Sports Counselling: As the name says Aca Sports brings to fore the spirit of sports and blends it with career guidance. Padmavathi, the founder brings her years of experience in counselling and helps students make informed decisions. She aspires to make Aca Sports the best career guidance counsellor in Hyderabad in a span of 5 years, and she works hard to realize this dream.

Ansh-Lean On me: The venture formed by Mr Ramchandra focuses on aiding individuals with a counselling session that will look into each and every aspect, for example, their passions, their skills, their economic background and mentoring on their overall personality. The overall objective is to provide a career plan by doing a deep-dive evaluation of an individual’s passions, skills, economic background and personality keeping in mind and being sensitive to familial aspirations and financial situations.

Pause for Insight: Pause for Insight is based on the principle of enabling individuals to lead a successful life. It helps in giving that much-needed perspective that is required by students of today to lead a stress-free life. Counselling helps students in maintaining a proper balance between internal and external conflicts. Ms. Jain believes that her organization, Pause for Insight would be one of the leading career counselling organizations in the country. She believes in the power of being a catalyst and guiding young adults to a path of success by incorporating personalized communication and deriving insights from technology.

Blue Aura Academy: Blue Aura Academy is a premier employability and life skills facilitation institution. They focus on improving the employability quotient of graduates across all disciplines and make them more job-ready. Employers these days want to hire people with exceptional skills, that can add worth to their organizations. They intend to make young graduates versatile with multitasking abilities so that they can find a niche for themselves to fit in. Their training is focused on making the students more efficient. They impart skills that are currently required by employers across all sectors viz IT, manufacturing and services. Their content is unique, well researched and designed by the best professionals. Their faculty is among the best, with vast industry and teaching experience. They have an excellent state of the art infrastructure.

Enliven Career Consultancy: Enliven Career Consultancy believes in the development of the potential of individuals based on their aptitude and interest. The organization founded by Deepali Gupta provides objective guidance to students through career counselling. Her rich and diverse experience in industry and academics helps her to serve as a true guide to parents and students who are keen on making an appropriate career counsellor in Hyderabad.

Ignited Future: Payal Joshi is the founder of Ignited Future that offers world-class career counselling for students. The team of expert counsellors helps students figure out their personality and guide them accordingly while making education, career and life choices. The counselors discuss the student’s thought process and how to overcome any hurdles in the decision-making. They value students’ ideas, feelings, and concerns about their careers and help them sort out educational choices.

My Global Career: At Global Career Counseling, the sessions will allow students to discuss their feelings, concerns, and ideas. If they are concerned that they have opted for the wrong career, then they can open up about it. They would never be ashamed about having made the wrong decisions in their life. Veena Karnati, the founder, believes that “We all make mistakes, and we learn from them”. Career Counseling is an ongoing process and one that will ensure that the students don’t get stuck in a rut and that they make changes when they feel the need to.

Career Counselling and Career Guidance are indeed a booming sector in the city of Hyderabad. To know more about the best career counsellors in Hyderabad, head to Supercounsellor

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