Delhi. It’s the capital of our country. It is also an educational hub! From IIT to JNU, it is home to some of the oldest and prestigious institutions of India. It comes as no surprise then that there are 500,000 students studying in Delhi’s several universities. Such volume certainly translates to stiff competition for aspirants. A strong goal, with a clear cut roadmap, is what is needed in order to beat this kind of competition.

To help you make this roadmap by patiently listening to your interests, experiences and goals and then chalking out a customised strategy you need a career counsellor. In fact, in India, it is a booming industry. Several new areas of study have opened up and students want to do something different more than ever before. Career Counselling is a must in this scenario.

Delhi is home to some fine career counsellors who have been in the industry for long and are certified with a Global Career Counsellor Certificate which makes them eligible to counsel students anywhere in the world. Here are a few best career counsellors in delhi.

5 Best Career Counsellors in Delhi

Career Genie

Headed by the experienced Upasana Kinra, Career Genie relies on a very systematic approach to help students and parents arrive at a suitable career decision. With a very tight-knit team, Career Genie is one of the very few places where students can rest assured that they will be helped each step of the way. Counselors at Career Genie believe in complete transparency and in counselling students the right way. With home-based testing and counselling, Career Genie is here to carve a niche for itself as an honest, dependable and trustworthy name in global education/career consultancy industry.

Career Edu Wise

With an experience of over two decades in education, Malini finally came to the realization that students are often confused about the several career pathways available to them. That’s when she started Career Edu Wise with the sole aim of helping students identify the real potential in them and playing to their strengths. The process begins with a thorough evaluation of the child’s profile and involves exclusive counselling sessions and career assessments. They help with identifying colleges, preparing students for applications and also assist them with the actual application. According to them, happy students are successful students!


“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” – Simone de Beauvoir

A single philosophy brought about Charu Malhotra to start off Career-in. She believes in the power of informed decision-making and opines that nothing must be left to chance.

At Career-in, counsellors take their time to provide their guidance to students. This happens over multiple interactions which also allows for a stronger relationship to be built between them and the students. The counsellors at Career-in aim to share as much of the right information with the students so that none of them ends up making a bad career choice.

I’m Powered

The young and dynamic founder of ‘I’m Powered, Damini Grover believes that ‘We all have the power to be empowered.” A counsellor and hypnotherapist by profession, she understands the power and impact of the subconscious mind on all decisions we make. She combines well-being into her career counselling decisions thereby ensuring students to speak freely and from the heart instead of worrying about what they are expected to say.

Dream & Evolve

Dream & Evolve, founded by V. Charles Rajan aims to make the world a better place by ensuring all-round development of a child. So, in addition to administering various tests, the counsellors here also assist students in developing a solid profile, backed by good extracurricular activities. In the case of students who really excel at extracurricular activities, they also provide complete guidance and support on how to make a career out of the same.

At Dream & Evolve, students can learn how to develop their own unique personalities by exploring their own interests and making a career out of the same. The counsellors also help in choosing colleges, preparing their applications and in obtaining a visa!

If you’re reading from Delhi, then you can visit any of these counsellors to help create the future you desire. You could also choose to seek help from them if you yourself are looking to become a counsellor. All of them are Global Career Counsellor certified and are also certified Super Counsellors. If you ask us, it’s time to take the help of a professional and build the career of your dreams! 


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