Mumbai is rightly associated as the “City of Dreams”. People come here in lakhs of numbers every year with dreams for their careers, aspirations for their future and hope for a beautiful life. But with all the dreams comes the anticipation, the pressure to be the best, the cut-throat competition and the challenge to survive and excel in this vibrant city and make the best of every available opportunity.

It is bound to happen that an individual may get distracted from his/her goal while surviving in this competitive city and would want to head back to the right track once again. It is in times like these that it is very crucial to have the proper guide or a coach to help you and support you. Super Counsellor, helps you with a list of dynamic career counselling and guidance centres in Mumbai.

6 Best Career Counsellors in Mumbai

Career Saarthi: Career Saarthi is an ed-tech platform to support students and help them achieve fulfilling careers with world-class career counselling services and resources. They provide a one-stop solution to students and parents right at their doorsteps across India & the world. Through an empathetic, scientific and step by step approach, their expert counsellors will help the student understand his strength areas and draw out a detailed roadmap for the future. Right from identifying the best fit stream to selecting the best-fit universities, profile building (resumes, Statement of purpose (SOP’s) and extracurriculars, and vital admission related information including examination patterns and scholarships process. In a nutshell, this is a one-stop platform for a student’s career-related needs.

Disha Darrpan: Priyansha Shankar founded Disha Darrpan with a thought to spread career awareness to students. Disha Darrpan believes that every student is different and has different aspirations, passions, and competencies which sometimes are difficult to understand. The counselling process starts with administering an assessment test and using the outcome to create a roadmap. We recommended careers that are provided based on competencies and intelligence. This helps them understand their personality in a better way, do a SWOT analysis and choose the right career.

Edu Counsellor: Every student faces a common question. What career do I take up? What course do I opt for? In the olden days, we used to rely on snippets of information that we would hear from people or opt for a conventional choice or depend on the decision that our parents could take. The awareness regarding different streams and sub-streams was much lower at that time. At Educounsellor they help students to choose the right career which translates into professional success and contentment. They are a team of counsellors working for students to provide knowledge about different Branches, Courses, Colleges, Fees, Scholarships, Admission tests etc.

Edu Crossroads: The company helmed by Ritu focuses on guiding students to explore themselves, accept what they are and aim higher in their lives to fulfil their career and life goals. It helps clear their presumptions regarding career choices and college admissions through effective counselling sessions, psychometric evaluation and analysis, providing information resources, mentoring and career consulting, career and personality fitment, admission guidance and support in the chosen fields and creating a feasible, apt and targeted career roadmap.

Insight Career Counselling: Being in the field of education, Rajashreevikram has seen many instances of despair and confusion amongst the students which prompted her to take up the task of career counselling and set up Insight Career Counselling. The organisation will help the students understand their strengths and identify their talents and interests from the various subjects they study. They also provide them with the confidence to change their domain if required by mentoring them and extending full support. Parents are also asked to attend the counselling sessions to make them aware as well of the world of opportunities lying ahead of their children and to support the decision taken by their children.

Ladder Up India: The company headed by Shilpa Parulekar focuses to aid individuals to explore themselves, accept what they are and aim higher in their lives to reach their optimum. It helps clear the presumptions of individuals regarding career choices and college hunting through self-analysis, setting clear and achievable goals, provide necessary information for the available resources and their utilization and provide future planning to implement all the learning learnt through their sessions.

These are the 6 best career counsellors in Mumbai. To know more about them and other similar institutes, Visit: SuperCounsellor 

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