Earning Opportunities

With an aim to constantly engage with and support you in your professional journey, Univariety and Super Counsellor have come up with initiatives that bring to you an earning opportunity.

Super Counsellor Support Program: This program recognizes the need for you to receive the necessary experience and guidance on handling real-time and actual student conversations.

The Super Counsellor Support Program has been shaped considering both experiential learnings as well as opportunities to interact with actual students physically as well as virtually. For this program, the Super Counsellors are selected through an evaluation and get a chance to work with Univariety’s counselling team on a full-time or part-time basis.

The program stages are:

  1. Training Webinar on the Univariety platform as well as virtual counselling methods
  2. Selection through Case Studies and Evaluation
  3. Real-Time Counselling – Virtual as well as Physical
  4. Quality Audits and Training

Super Counsellor Support Program not only serves as a valuable experience for you but also acts as a steady source of income.

Career Counselling Product & Tools Leads (enquiries) from different cities will be directed to the Super Counsellors to market a product like ProMap, Summer School Programs and GEM Services. This not only provides business development and marketing skills but also helps in building references and contacts with the students to upsell the services.

ProMap : ProMap matches a students’ aspirations in terms of Country, Department and Universities with their current academics and achievements to share with them a unique personalized roadmap to build the perfect profile which goes Beyond Academics.

The ProMap Advantage – an online-only module based delivery that will help your students’ and their parents,

  • Get CLARITY on what Universities value in prospective students.
  • Gain insights into NON-ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES.
  • Get A CUSTOMIZED ROAD MAP to build the student’s profile beyond academics.
  • Project a student’s non-academic profile in COLLEGE APPLICATIONS

Summer School Programs: Summer School Program opens an opportunity for your students to know more about their chosen career. They are organized by several top universities in India and abroad. Univariety helps you with some of the top programs to guide your students better.

Programs like the Summer School Programs, Gaining Work Experience through internships, Skill Building Activities like specialized online courses, community-oriented activities are just some of the activities beyond their academic curriculum that a student can pursue to enhance their profile.

GEM Services – Go the Extra Mile GEM is a premium career counselling service that helps you guide your students better by assessing their abilities and aspirations offering the following:

  • Career, Course & Country Services
  • Test Guidance
  • Pre-Application Services
  • Application Services
  • Visa Services

For Super Counsellor+

Low investment, high rewards: Your very own career counselling set up will require very less capital with Super Counsellor+, and you will be equipped to chart out high returns.

Technology with White Labelling System: Employ the cutting-edge technology as your own. The technology gives you access to an algorithm for college selection, online career assessments, identify student milestones, guidance on college applications, and much more.

Access to Psychometric Tests: Access psychometric assessments to deliver best results for your students.

Marketing Collaterals: Build credibility and trust with your students and their parents as you utilize a set of high quality presentations while providing career counselling services.

Constant Guidance from experts: Make use of our expert guidance each time you have a query. Our team will resolve them within 48 hours.

Job Edge: Candidates with career counselling course certification, knowledge on Psychometric Tests and technology can be better prepared for interviews.

For Students

The Benefit of 26 Research Tools: The most appropriate courses can be selected, best-fit universities can be shortlisted and many such actions can be undertaken.

Intensive support: The Super Counsellor+ resources enhance the career guidance given to students with support on college applications and scholarships as well.

Timely updates: With up-to-date information provided by our experts, you can keep your students aware of the latest courses, changes in college application, and so on.

Increased chances of getting into their university of choice: Students can be directly connected to universities from around the world.